Incomprehension Rules My Life

I looked at the referral logs last night. A lot of people are coming here searching for “Michael Schiavo sucks”. Why would people search for this? Are you so in need of validation for your opinion of the man that you search the web seeing how many other people agree with you? I don’t get it, but I don’t get a lot of things.

We actually get a lot of these kind of referrals. Anything with “sucks” in the search string eventually ends up here for obvious reasons. People like to have their distaste confirmed, I suppose. I’m sure if we posted more about objectionable celebrities (i.e. most of them) we would get a lot more hits from people searching for them, as well.

I also see that many people are looking for Kees Moeliker. I guess people really are interested in homosexual necrophiliac duck porn. The smart, if somewhat twisted, entrepreneur would snap up a domain and start taking some duck pictures. I dunno how you get ducks to pose, but I’m sure that’s a minor detail. Maybe you could get an endorsement from Mr. Moeliker, too.


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