Michael Schiavo’s Wedding Vows

I’ve been following some of the debate over the Terry Schiavo case. There’s an awful lot about this case that disturbs the hell out of me on all sides. The gentlemen over at Q & O have posted about it here, here, and here. Some of the issues they raise are the same ones I have. However, today’s latest post on the mess expressed one thought I’d like to take issue with.
It bothers me that elected representatives condemn Mr. Schiavo for having a girlfriend and children by her, as if he was supposed to put his life on hold while his wife remains in a PVS.
There’s a lot about this case that is troublesome, but this ain’t it. Speaking as a married man, I can definitely condemn Mr. Schiavo for this. Yes, he should have put his love life on hold. I don’t know what his marriage vows were, but mine don’t give me a pass on poor behavior if J becomes terribly inconvenient. I must have missed Elmer Fudd throwing that one in there. He wants to have a life? He has two options. Divorce her and hand the care back to her parents or wait until she dies. In the meantime, he’s still married. Shacking up with someone and having two kids while your wife is in the hospital doesn’t mean you wanted to have a life. It means you’re a scumbag who bailed when your marriage got inconvenient, but didn’t have the courage to admit it and file for a divorce. I am baffled as to why people keep insisting that an inability to keep your dick in your pants is something I should accept.


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Now that's certainly a "what if." What if, ten or fifteen years ago or whatever, Michael had started divorce proceedings? Would the parents have argued that Terri would not consent to divorce because of her religious beliefs? Would Terri's lawyer ask for some sort of support? We'll never know...

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