Week Off

Well, I see that we have taken a week off here at YPS. Odd how time slips away. Work has, yet again, interfered with things.

Anyhow, some news of the past week. Terry Schiavo and Mitch Hedberg both died. All in all, Mitch was much funnier. I think Terri Schiavo's passing will mean more in the long run. InstaPunk has some thoughts on Terri Schiavo’s passing. I’m not qualified to comment intelligently on theology, Christian or otherwise, so you’ll have to make your own determination as to how valid the points are.


Blogger Danno said...

I'm more affected by Mitch Hedberg's death than Terri Shiavo, at least he made me laugh, plus I actually know who he is. The protesters blubbering over a woman they don't even know are a joke.

2:27 PM  

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