Asshat Apology

So, did anybody actually read Dick Durbin’s apology? I haven’t found a good full transcript yet, so I’m going off partials from various places. Am I the only one that thinks his apology is akin to saying ”I’m sorry you got offended when I called you an asshat”? He didn’t actually retract his statement. He didn’t say he was wrong and that the comparison was inapt, overwrought and slanderous. He just said he’s sorry people got offended by his comments. He never meant to offend anyone, because, after all, he’s a politician and offending people might cost you some votes. There’s also the “you dumbasses didn’t understand me, that’s why you got offended” part in there that makes it even more special.

Some apology. Would some brave soul like to conduct an experiment for me? Try this approach with your spouse/significant other when the opportunity presents itself. I suggest something along the lines of “Gee, honey, I’m sorry you got upset with me. I’m sorry you didn’t understand what I really meant.” Let me know how it works for you. Me, I know better.


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