Pick On PETA!

We don't like PETA much around here. First off, they are linked in ways too numerous to count to terrorist organizations. The philosophy, as noted previously, is almost completely vapid.

So once again, PETA is whacking out the animals. I remain ignorant of the ethics of throwing corpses into dumpsters, except to note it is apparently illegal. What makes PETA's slaughter and dumping of animals anymore or less ethical than someone else's? If PETA feels free to kill and discard animals simply because said animals are inconvenient or costly, why is it bad for me to eat animals? Can someone explain this to me in some fashion I can understand? How does "Ethical Treatment" translate into euthanized and thrown in a dumpster? Admittedly, I skipped most of catechism as a child. The only philosophy class I took I snoozed through. (Pass/fail, baby!) So my grasp of ethics is a tad simplistic, running mostly to Kant's Universal Law version of the categorical imperative and the golden rule.

Or can I just call it hypocrisy and be done?

H/t to Darth Apathy.


Blogger airraid81 said...

Ya, PETA is a bunch of retarded terrorist hippies. They donate lots of money to the Earth Liberation Group which burns labs and kills scientists.

The Site that Abuses the 1st Amendment: Taking down liberals one post at a time.

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