Democrat Diversity

In light of the comments made this week by the DNC Chairman, I wanted to take a minute to point out that, unlike Mr. Dean, we conservatives don't believe that the Democrats are all alike. As a matter of fact, we understand that there are essentially four basic types of Democrats, and in many cases one individual Democrat can be so diverse as to fall into any one or all of these categories.

Wanna-be elitists/self-proclaimed (pseudo) intellectuals

These are people who don't actually experience the real economy. I am not going to go as far as Howard Dean to say that they don't make an honest living, because that is definitely not the case. They just make their living insulated from the same society as the rest of us. They often work in protected positions, which despite gross incompetence, make them almost impossible to terminate. This subset are the government employees, college professors, and union leadership. Some others in the category are not at all educated, but have attained their "brilliance" by way of luck, inheritence, weath and/or fame; these are the actors, musicians, and socialites. Many career politicians fit into this group as well, think Kennedys, Clintons, and John Kerry.

Racists/Race Baiters

This would be the Robert Byrd (D-White Nigger), LULAC, Je$$e Jackson, MECHA, and Al Sharpton wing of the party. Their deal is that one particular race (their own) somehow deserves lots of special goodies at the expense of all others. Of course you can broaden the category to fit the feminist fascists and rabid anti-straight homosexual lobby into this group, even though their similar views are not race based.


There is a reason why you don't hear Republicans whining about felons not getting to vote. Felons don't like conservatives. Conservatives want criminals in jail, punished, and even put to death if appropriate. Criminals are a natural Democrat constituency. They're not going to follow any of the oppressive rules Democrats want the rest of us to follow anyway...pretty much just like Democrats. This group also encompasses illegal aliens and the vast majority Democrats who are currently hold, or have ever held public office.

Traitors and Socialist/Pinko Commies

This is probably the Democrat Party's largest constituency. So many so-called "centrists" don't realize that the core ambition of many of the "activist" groups is economic collectivization coupled with eliminating all people with view points that oppose their own. It is all blame America all the time with this crowd, which encompasses the unions, ACLU, animal "rights" crazies, the "wealthy but guilty", watermelons (environmentalists), anti-globalists, the God-hating crowd, tired old hippies, professional protesters, feminists, academics, and most of the Screen Actors Guild.

So see? We recognize that Democrats aren't monolitic. It is easy to see, however, that these groups do share one common denominator: none of them actually want to live by the same bullshit tripe that they preach to the rest of us.


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