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In between working on the house, going to Waxahachie, and having interesting viral infections I have been reading a little bit. So for your edification, here are some capsule reviews of stuff that’s passed by lately. I also saw a few movies as well.

Stroke Of Midnight
More goth porn from Laurell Hamilton. The story is losing pace to the sex scenes. This could have been a lot better, but has enough concept to keep me reading the next one. Eventually, these books will be nothing but goth porn and I’ll be through. Only recommended if you have a high tolerance for overblown sex between the heroine and, well, just about everybody.

Deadhouse Gates
Excellent book. The Malazan series is shaping up to go head to head with The Song of Ice and Fire as the best long form epic fantasy, period. Go buy it and read it. After you do, ask yourself why Steve Erikson’s American publisher is dragging their feet releasing the next four that have already been published in the UK. I’d buy them from Amazon UK, but for one niggling detail: the Brits publish crappy books. The actual physical item doesn’t hold up worth a damn.

National Treasure
This is a good fun film. A little violence, nothing horribly inappropriate for kiddies if that’s an issue. I’m a sucker for any conspiracy film that involves the Templars, so I was pretty much sold once they dragged in the Knights.

Freddy vs. Jason
Not the best outing for either franchise, but still worthwhile. The logic behind the combination was neatly handled, I thought. Once again we learn that the drunk slut we see naked in the first five minutes is dead meat on a stick (literally). So, young girls, learn from this example: getting drunk and showing your boobies means the psychotic undead killers will get you first. Not showing tits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll live, but it’s a good first step. Something to keep in mind next time you have a problem with supernatural killers.

Shaun Of The Dead
More zombies! Yay undead! Funny and extremely British. I recommend it, but you have to tolerate some gore for the comedy. I hear they changed it from “Sean” to “Shaun” for the American release, but I don’t quite understand why.


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