Front Row Seats

Well, it's round two of the summer weather knock downs. We had cheap seats for Katrina, but we got good ones for Rita. YPS Manor is located in a lovely eastern suburb of Houston. I hope to be blogging live from the apocalypse tomorrow night. I am charging up the batteries on the camcorder and the digital cameras. I plan on being one of those jackasses pointing a camcorder out the window making comments like "Look at the wind blow! Hey, whose barbecue grill was that?"

I think we may be under some mandatory evacuation order. If I trusted the government to tell me what to do, that might be relevant. Yes, we are not evacuating. At this point, all Houston freeways are parking lots. We have lots of water, plenty of food, 2 barbecue grills (one charcoal, one propane), and guns. I think we'll be okay. In the meantime, I'm going to go back to cutting plywood to fit over the windows. I think I can cover most of the main house windows to some extent. The guest house will have to fend for itself.

As an aside, the cellular network appears to be more robust than the land lines. We can make calls on the cell phones, but the land lines keep returning error messages or simply failing to get through. Whether that will be true in the days ahead will be the question.


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