One Good Candidate...Not Running

So, after Tom DeLay announced his resignation, and I had my rant, I sent a nice e-mail off to Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson suggestion that he might consider running for the seat. Prior to Mike Jackson being the SD11 Senator, Jerry Patterson held the office. He did a great job for the district, has done a phenomenal job for the Land Office, and would be a fine Congressman. Alas it was not to be, as I received the following reply from him today:

I am honored at your suggestion that I should run for CD22. I cannot entertain the idea for several reasons. One is I feel have a job to do here at the Texas General Land office, that candidly can only be done by me. If I believed that none of the rumored candidates for CD22 were capable of representing us, I would consider it.

Looking at the list of potential candidates, I believe there are several that can represent us well.

Again, Thank you for your confidence in my ability, but I believe that Texas is best served by my staing here at the GLO.

By the way, I really miss my friends in Pasadena, Clear Lake, and Deer Park.


While I totally disagree that we have good potential candidates, Mr. Patterson has a lot of class and would've done a great job. And damn, I'm back to square 1.


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