Tom DeLay's Resignation: A Perspective from the District

I worry about District 22. It is my district. My big problem with Mr. DeLay at this point honestly is that the primary was not even a month ago. We all got behind him, in my case a public endorsement as a precinct chair, despite his troubles. You know, stick with your guy. I was quite critical of his opponent in the primary because I don't think it's cool to kick a guy when he's down. That's when you stand behind him and back him up. I felt Tom Campbell was trying to pile on DeLay, who was already being unjustly kicked.

Now, I kind of feel like I got played. They're going to call a special election for the seat, which is more wasteful spending on an unnecessary election where I'll have to sit around and be bored because nobody will show. The idea is that the Republican who wins will run as incumbent, which is a stupid tactical game we don't have to play. This is the stupid crap that Democrats have to do to win races, not Republicans.

Regardless of incumbency status, the Republican running for this seat in November will beat Nick Lampson. A dead armadillo in this district would beat Lampson, the district has a 65% ORVS (Optimal Republican Voter Strength) for crying out loud. But now, every half-assed Republican who meets the residency requirement and currently holds public office is now salivating all over this seat. The candidates for election in May will consist of only the obnoxious blowhards who already have enough dough in their coffers on short notice, with no guarantee that we're really going to get the best person for the job. The one thing I do know, it ain't that Socialist Lampson, which means that it will be another mediocre establishment Republican.


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