May Day Illegal Mayhem

I'm not going to go into the whole illegal immigration rant right now, it has been done on several occasions within this blog, long before this was today's hot button issue. If you're interested, you can browse through our archives. Here's my impression of these stupid protests and "boycotts". I personally think they've have had the opposite from intended effect. What has hurt this group is that they let the commies get them riled up and semi-violent, which turns people against them and their issue. Now that ANSWER and their ilk have gotten a grip on this group, they're all loud and demanding the right to break our laws. So what does that mean?

More and more people are getting educated, mad, and on the opposite side of the issue. Yay. Had these idiots not taken to the streets, Congress would've probably gotten right by with their piss-poor mamby pamby amnesty bill. As it is, the commies have inflamed the masses, and the masses want an antiinflamatory. The lesson here is if you have an issue and the commies/move on want to jump on board with it, run away as fast as you can. Everything they touch turns to crap.


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