Michael Moore is so important, he now delegates his obnoxious behavior

I have a good friend who has been volunteering at the Tribecca Film Festival in NYC to network and have some fun. She told me that on Friday night, there was a mildly amusing incident between the festival staff and Mr. Moore's assistant. Those who know me know I could give 2 shits about any celebrities for any reason, but in this case I thought I'd share because apparently Moore and his "peeps" have at least learned the good common sense to not behave like asshats in front of the press, because their escapades tend to get reported. I watched for this incident in the press, and sure enough, completely unnoticed.

From what I gather, the folks at the film festival do the best they can to provide packages for famous people in "the business" who they can get to attend, and in some cases the celebrities call ahead for spots. Everyone wins, Tribecca gets attention called to its festival, and people get to see free movies. The festival staff reserves spots in the theaters for celebrities to salute their alleged important, and everyone his happy. Nice perks if you can get them, I suppose.

Well anyway, Moore was there to see some movie, and he got pissed because his tickets read "general admission" instead of "VIP". I'm talking printing semantics here, nothing else. They had reserved him a special place in the theater. So, does he shut the hell up, appreciate his free tickets, take his already reserved spot, and move on? No. Does he quietly approach the Tribecca staff and question the alleged "indiscretion"? Nope, wrong again. You would have the correct guess if you said that he sent his assistant up in a screaming fit to attack the volunteers for giving him "lesser tickets". In her words, after all, "he is Michael Moore". Apparently I'm not talking about a 5 minute argument either, I'm talking about a full on scene made and threats to just leave.

Here's the funny thing about it, there are no tickets printed that have "VIP" printed on them, they're all general admission.


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