Well, Lloyd Bentsen is dead. I’m sure that someone somewhere is saddened and grieved by his passing. I’m equally sure you’ll be shocked to know that nobody here cares much. Anybody who served in the Senate for as long as he did is almost by definition part of the problem. I have no doubt he gladly participated in the unwarranted expansion of the federal apparatus during his 22 year tenure in the Senate.

Anyhow, I await the coming festival of bad taste. I’m predicting an array of fawning journalists and other lickspittle lackeys claiming he was the greatest Senator since the dead Kennedy. I’m also predicting what has recently become mandatory at funerals: a parade of donk asshats using the opportunity to make the evening news by delivering a poor excuse for a political screed thinly disguised as eulogy. I firmly expect the old goober grubber to be in the lead on that one.

We'll blog the inevitable when it happens, I guess, if only to continue in our mockery of the Jimster. We do so like to mock the worst living ex-president around here.


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