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Once again, the junior senator from Connecticut has shown he is incapable of accepting the results of an election. Given his hedging during the 2000 election and apparent endorsement of the pernicious meme that he and his buddy didn’t actually lose, I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s all about Joe keeping his cushy job on the taxpayer dime. Radley Balko has some choice words on the matter, pointing out what a disaster Joe Loserman (D-1 for 3) actually is as a Senator. He also makes a good point when he says "The position of federal politician should be a short-term privilege, not a career." That’s the ultimate vision I have of the Congress. I’m just a little fuzzy on how to get there.

While we’re tangentially on the subject, I’m going to bring up a pet peeve of mine. I am not a big fan when people try to act out George Orwell’s famous statement about the equality of pigs. It irks the crap out of me when people refer to former officeholders by the title long after they’ve left office. "Ambassador" is one that pops up a lot. Maybe I’m silly, but once you have left the office, you are no longer entitled to the honorific. The idea is once you have departed from office, you are just a regular citizen and entitled to all the courtesy anyone else is, but no more. You have entered back into the teeming millions and should be treated as such. Titles are reserved for the people actually doing the work. If someone could distribute a memorandum to all of the news outlets, maybe we could stop this shit. Any volunteers to type that up and get it out?

Update: My mistake. Leiberman is the junior Senator, not the senior as I had originally written. I don't think it changes much but the extent of his complicity in the problem.


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