Clinton on FOX & Revisionist History

"That's the difference in me and some, including all of the right-wingers who are attacking me now," Clinton said in the interview. "They ridiculed me for trying. They had eight months to try, they did not try." --Bill Clinton

You're really trying Bill, but that's not the point.

So like most of the rest of the world, I saw former President Clinton lose his mind at Chris Wallace. I've also listened to and read my share of commentary on the events. Clinton commented during the interview about how he left a detailed Al Qaeda war plan and President Bush did nothing for 8 months before we were attacked, and such statement has already been disputed by Secretary of State Rice (and you know who I believe). I know the Clintons have testified before several courts of law that they don't remember anything that was happening, but doesn't anyone remember what the hell was going on during this time period?

I have heard statements from both the left and the right along the lines of "well yeah Clinton didn't do much, but Bush had 8 months and he didn't do much either".
Now, I know how damned short the American memory tends to be, so let's all travel back a bit to the 2000 election and the associated aftermath. I'm not even going to bore everyone with some already done examination of Clinton's lack of any serious response to terrorism under his watch because he was too busy using the Oval Office as a brothel, I just want to examine what went on between the 2000 election and the attack on America on 11 September 2001.

Why was President Bush perhaps unable to do much of his job during that first 8 months? Does anyone remember?
I think we all remember Bush v. Gore. While Gore and the Traitorous Democrat Left (which includes mainstream press) were doing their best to use the Florida courts and the precincts run by their own people to steal the Presidency, then President-Elect Bush was prohibited from allowing his transition team to start working. All the while, the Taliban were ready to hand bin Laden over to a third party country, or the International Court of Justice, in exchange for having the US-led sanctions against Afghanistan lifted, such offer was refused by none other than the "trying" President Clinton. Nonetheless, the case Gore v. Harris finally ended the election ordeal on 22 December 2006. More than 2 months of transition team work for the Bush Administration was lost.

After almost no transition time, President Bush finally took office, perceivably weak due to the litigation that had just ended. The stories of all of the criminals Clinton pardoned in his last days of office dominated the news, along with the continued whining of the traitorous Democrat Left about stolen elections. Why is it that these idiots can't seem to understand that 1961 was the last time their party had an elected President who wasn't a total fluke? So oh yeah, the election was stolen...but that is a different post.

Anyway, so, President Bush moves into the White House to find the place in shambles. What had been left behind, what the Criminal Clintons didn't steal, outgoing staffers of both Clinton and Gore trashed. We don't know the extent of the vandalism because the Bush folks had too much class to dignify, but we do know that it wasn't just computers and office supplies. Numerous reports highlight how in shambles the Clinton Administration left any intelligence and transitional items, in a futile effort to hide their own incompetence.

In short: President Bush had to use his first 8 months in office to rebuild the White House and the Presidency. Clinton's shenanigans are responsible for every victim of 11 September 2001. So yes, when Clinton lied, people died.

I guess what surprises me the most, is that people are still actually shocked when B.J. Billy exhibits unflattering, undesirable, or unclassy behavior. Give me a break, most of you were indeed around for the past 8 freakin' years. His entire Presidency was unflattering, undesirable, and unclassy.


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