Petty Annoyances

So in a stunning display of technical incompetence, there is a person out there in magical intarweb land who has the same first initial and last name as I do. I could be clever and call him T2 or use a lower-case t or perhaps TT to refer to him. Instead, to avoid confusion, we’ll refer to him as Tony. I chose that because that’s his name and I have no great desire to protect his anonymity.

I don’t know much about Tony. I know his name, his address, his taste in bad television, and the inescapable conclusion that he’s a dumbass. I know all of these things because Tony signed up for NetFlix and gave them the wrong email address. He gave them mine. I’ve had the email address going on 5 years now. If you give it out, I can only assume you don’t know your email address. In my world, this makes you a moron. Potential hate bomb? Uhh, never mind that last bit.

Anyhow, Tony is renting such classics of television as Kung-Fu. WTFever, grasshopper. Watch your crap television in peace, just quit stinking up my inbox with emails about it. I’d send NetFlix a complaint, but alas, NetFlix is blocked at my current location. So as an immediate reaction, I’m writing a blog post about some moron. I’ll deal with NetFlix later. In the meantime, I'd like to make this public service announcement:

Hey, you. Yes, you, Tony from Oak Park, Illinois. You’re an idiot. Stay off the internet until you learn to use it correctly. And watch some better television, too, you tasteless git.

UPDATE: NetFlix gives you absolutely no way to contact them if you don't have a log-in. That's a serious flaw when some ignut signs up your email address by mistake. Lucky for me, I have a log-in so I can bitch out customer service for the fabulousness of their interface.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently there is more than one moron on the interwebs... yes, I'm looking at you Mark, from Asheville, NC.

Unfortunately for Mark, my tolerance is now low for this kind of bungling as I continue to receive email for Michelle, another person who shares my last name and first initial, who repeatedly signs me up for services such as Disney Vacations despite the fact that I've even called her home number to explain what she's done wrong. That was only possible b/c she signed up her Verizon account with my address as well, so I could find her phone number without much trouble. Yet I continue to get new email for her almost monthly!

So I'm sorry Mark, but I'm no longer as benevolent as I used to be. You can access your account with your markyourlastnameandmine@mailinator.com, using markyourlastnameandmine as the password. Also, I hope you enjoy the Netflix trial with the five DVD's about email in your queue.

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