Some Award Show Crap

Apparently, my goal of becoming a hostile old curmudgeon completely out of touch with the mainstream of society is proceeding according to plan. Last night was the Oscars, which we figured out at roughly 11 while preparing for sleep. A quick perusal of the winners’ list reveals that I saw exactly one of the movies on the list. I don’t even know what was nominated. So congratulations all you people who I don’t know and probably wouldn’t like if I did! You have participated in one of the grandest sessions of mutual masturbation ever presented on television! Well done you!

I will, however, highlight the awards given out to the people like me. I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the engineers and technicians that make the movie industry, and all the other industries, work. I have no idea what the hell these awards were for, but it sounds like interesting and challenging technical work. So, well done you, but not meant sarcastically this time!


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