From the Duh Files: Rudy and the 2nd

Jacob Sullum dissects Rudy Giuliani's recently discovered support for the 2nd Amendment. Key quote:
his sudden interest in the Second Amendment, like his sudden interest in strict constructionism, is merely an affectation intended to allay the concerns of Republican primary voters.
You can go read the whole article, but I can sum it up for you: Rudy doesn't care about your right to keep and bear arms unless it continues to poll well. I mean, he did such a bang-up job as mayor of NYC in making sure that people who lived there could freely exercise their rights. Didn't he? Oh, wait, no, I'm hallucinating again. He didn't do a damn thing for the citizens of the city when he was mayor. So I'm sure if he gets elected to be even more important, he'll suddenly discover a reason to worry about it.

I got beachfront property in Arizona for sale if you buy that one.

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