Meatspace vs. Web

Dorothy has a nice point up about many amateur works. The nice thing about the internet is it allows one to engage in all sorts of amateur activity and have an audience and an outlet without being annoying by pestering friends and relations. Let’s face it, what you’re really seeking when you nag folks to view/listen/read the latest proof of your complete lack of talent is validation. You expect them to be polite and tell you how nice it is. Strangely, people don’t do this with me. Well, not more than once, anyway. It’s not that I can’t be polite and diplomatic, it’s just that I usually don’t see any reason to put forth the effort. So I’m inclined to tell you what I think and not worry about it.

I, on the other hand, need no validation so I post anonymously to a blog. I don’t think I’ve ever brought up to anyone in conversation its existence, though. I do it solely for you, my fans. It’s your love and adulation that causes me to go on. Oh, wait, I forgot, I have no fans and barely any readers. I do this to amuse myself.

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