Ding Dong!

Phillip Agee is dead. I can't say I'll shed any tears over his passing. He decried the loathsome acts of one government only to switch to aiding and abetting governments whose acts were even more loathsome.

I'm not naive enough to think the US government is innocent, blameless, and always right. I find it difficult to believe that anyone whose disgust with what the CIA was doing in the 50s and 60s led them straight to the Soviets and the Cubans is acting of principle. Pique, maybe, but not principle. Somehow, those who spend the majority of their time criticizing Western democracies for their supposed sins against humanity turn a blind eye to those same sins when committed by any other government.

In any event, I would find it a grand cosmic joke if he were to spend eternity in Lubyanka prison enjoying the tender mercies of the KGB. It would give him some time to reflect on whether or not his second allegiance a was any better or worse than his first one.

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