Gun Show Disappointment

The HGCA show at Reliant was a bit of a disappointment. I was looking for three things, and none of them were available. Well, I was looking for a bipod for the Savage and that was sort of available. Only one vendor had one that wasn’t rail mounted. He was nice enough to tell me it was a Chinese knockoff of the Harris. Not exactly a selling point, buddy. I’ll buy cheap Chinese tools from Harbor Freight for one-off projects, but given that I expect to have this rifle for the next 20+ years I’m not slapping junk accessories on it that I’ll have to replace later. I ended up ordering one from Midway when I got home.

Of course, we spent a good chunk of the morning at Cadillac Bar’s Sunday brunch. $2.50 a Bloody Mary! Woo hoo! So we didn’t get to Reliant until 3 pm, which may have cut down on my selection. A number of vendors were already shutting down. Next time I’ll have to make it out earlier.



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