So, as promised, the update on the non-frying turkey fryer. I’m going to have to say it works very well. It doesn’t quite get you the crispy texture of a fried turkey, but it comes pretty close. It also leaves the interior nice and moist, which I usually find fried turkeys to be lacking. Of course, I brine my turkeys overnight before doing anything with them. I also inject them in key strategic spots with whiskey (JD or Maker’s, whichever bottle is closest). It’s not as quick as the frying, but doesn’t take an extraordinarily long time.

I received for Christmas a Brinkmann electric smoker, so the enabling continues. I fired up the Brinkmann, but it wasn’t working fast enough, so I had to transfer the turducken in question elsewhere for cooking. The Brinkmann looks like it would be nice, as you don’t have to constantly add charcoal and check on it.

I now have more ways and devices to cook outside than I do inside. This is especially bizarre for someone who doesn’t go outdoors much, except to cook and call the dog. A quick recap for the latecomers:

  • One gas grill with rotisserie and side burner
  • One Weber charcoal kettle grill
  • One charcoal tower smoker*
  • One electric smoker*
  • One oil-less turkey fryer*
  • Two burner propane cart*
  • Single propane burner

All items marked with asterisks were given to me by my mother-in-law. She takes much vicarious enjoyment from my outdoor cooking.

Anyhow, much gifting and festivities occurred over the holiday season. We gave out a case of liters of vodka over the holidays as gifts. Yes, you look like an alcoholic when you’re buying case quantities and spending over $500 at the liquor store. Best gift received? Probably the X-Box 360 Elite my lovely wife gave me. It is, at least according to Microsoft, the most amazing product ever or some such nonsense.

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