Super Tuesday

Actually, it's Super Fat Tuesday. Does that mean anyone you vote for today is more fattening than usual? Or are we voting for obesity at the polls instead of with our stomachs? No, wait, that's not it. I'm so confused. Anyhow, we should get a clear front-runner from both sides after today. Any way this turns out, I won't like it. So we'll say no more about it until tomorrow, when I expect to be slightly hungover and extremely bitter.

The weekend was a little hectic at YPS Manor. The last final push to market the house was underway when the call came that domestic harmony and marital bliss had completely eluded certain others in the universe. So I fired up the truck and went and picked up the nniece* (hereafter referred to as N) and a whole pile of her stuff and moved her into the house.

However, as mentioned, I did manage to smoke the corned beef. I am, so far, not impressed with my electric smoker. The corned beef was looking extremely pallid after 9 hours on the smoker. I brought it inside and threw it the oven at 400 degrees to brown up a little. This had the somewhat unfortunate effect of drawing a lot of the salt to the surface. The last corned beef turned out better, but that was done over charcoal. The smoke flavor is more pronounced, and the meat just looks better. I may see if the electric smoker can be repurposed to something useful, since it doesn't do so hot as a smoker. I will try it again, just to finalize my opinion. So far it's failed with a turducken and failed with a corned beef. I need some other form of meat to try before I can conclusively establish a trifecta of fail and pronounce anathema on the smoker. I have a couple books on sausage making. Maybe I can make some sausage and try smoking it in the electric as final resort...

*Our not-niece. Not technically our niece, but effectively so. De facto as opposed to jus sanguine, I s'pose.

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