Well, that sucked. Newsflash: people are fucking stupid.

The winner of the Moran Award for the evening was the gentleman that showed up at the last minute, got into the wrong line, got to the head of the line to find out he hadn't signed in before we shut down the signature books, and then we discovered he was in the wrong precinct anyway. Good job. You are the dumbest voter of the evening. We had numerous contenders, including several people who were actually cognitively impaired. He wins, though. You know you're acting like a dumbass when the actual 'tards do a better job than you.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the people who missed all the signs and portents proclaiming this to be the Republican primary until they got to the actual ballot part of the election. Thanks for the extra paperwork, donk. Further props, as always, to the people that think the guy (or gal) working the election had a goddamned thing to do with the choice of polling locations, voting equipment, ballot language, or anything else. I'd also like to thank the people that can't be bothered to find out ahead of time where they should go for the election and just show up to random polling places, then bitch about the fact they had to go to several before finding the right one. This is my fault, how, exactly?

Congratulations are due as well for validating my impressively low opinion of humanity in general and proving yet again that no matter how dumb I think a random collection of a thousand people is going to be, I'll be too generous.

In conclusion, all y'all can kiss my ass. I have worked the elections in this precinct for 6 years, and I am through. I will be early voting for the rest of my life and will work a poll again about the same time I fart roses.

I'd tell you what the results are, but honestly I'm too tired to care. I'm going to bed.

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