Editorial Discretion

I'm feeling cranky this morning. The first e-mail I got today was a notification about some anonymous twunt making insulting comments on a two year old post. That's okay, I got an answer for shit like that. There's a little trash can icon right next to every comment posted. Clickity-poof! Away with you, foul upstart!

If the sum total of your commentary is "HURR! U R TEH STUPID!", don't expect the world to be able to see your insightful prose for very long. Mmmkay? We don't need to be insulted on our own blog, especially when we didn't start with the name calling. You want to start slinging insults, get your own fucking blog and have at.

As always, this is the editorial policy of the moment and subject to change at the discretion of either of the principals. If you don't like it, you can shuffle your eyeballs elsewhere on the internet. We won't mind, nor will we care.

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