The Problem With Vegans

My problem with Vegans can be rather neatly summed up by one phrase. I can live with the often tendentious moralizing, albeit not for very long. I can also take the often insane issues about what foods are ethically acceptable, even if I find the reasoning suspect at best. However something like
Even better if I stopped being a vegan entirely, so that they wouldn't suffer with the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is enjoying a hearty bowl of split pea soup with tofu croutons.
is just wrong. I would like it if people stopped being vegans so the very idea of "tofu croutons" would perish from the Earth. I mean, really, WTF? Surely all correct-thinking individuals can agree that whatever virtues or vices may be inherent to a piece of tofu, it certainly didn't need to be tortured into the semblance of a crouton for some hippy who refuses to eat meat.

Anybody who tells me vegetarian/vegan food is just as tasty as real food has a pretty fucking huge hurdle to overcome. Tofu croutons. Yeesh.

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