Vocabulary Enrichment Day

In a shameless attempt to loaf in the face of looming disaster, we are pleased to bring you yet another installment in the YPS language arts curriculum. Today's lesson is on how to insult people in such a fashion that they suspect strongly you're insulting them, but can't actually prove it without recourse to an unabridged dictionary or the intarwebs. If you're like me, part of the joy of insulting people is the expression after they realize they were just called an offensive little twunt without the good sense given bacteria. It's truly a priceless moment in human interaction, and one I get to experience far too little these days.

I also got to enrich N's vocabulary this weekend. I was working on recovering my old lightning damaged system. Windows XP does not like it when you change a bunch of hardware at one time. She learned all kinds of new phrases as I vigorously lectured my electronic components about the moral and physical shortcomings each possessed. Loudly, at times. I finally gave on up on trying to recover my old XP installation. I'll be installing a clean copy on a new hard drive and using the old hard drive just to recover until I can get everything sorted out. Then I'll wipe it and put Ubuntu on it.

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