Well, Rush is over and young N has chosen her sorority or they chose her or something. I’m a little ignorant of how the process works, despite having it explained to me several times over the past week. Seeing as how I joined the last fraternal organization I’ll ever need to be associated with in 1987, the exact processes of the college kind were always obscure to me. The explanations came with a host of caveats and exceptions based on the difference between when J went through and now, which didn't make them any easier for the uninitiated like me to follow. In any event, the goal was reached and a final state acceptable to both of my ladies has been achieved. N is now a pledge, or whatever they call them, of the same sorority and chapter J pledged back in the day.

Honestly, I’m glad because the possibility of her pledging a different sorority was bad enough. The actuality of her being in some other, (read: lesser), organization for the next four years would have driven my lovely wife mad. And as those of you who are married know, that means I would have gotten to go along for the trip. So it all works out for the best.



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