Bitter, Bitter Irony

Once again, the loathsome people over at PETA have crossed my radar. Apparently, being concerned about the number of euthanized animals, PETA decided to upset pet owners through an ad in Dog Fancy magazine. Call a number to receive a free gift for your new dog, and PETA will send you a body bag for your canine friend. Why?
"It is shocking and it is a way to get into people's heads, but we are in crisis and it is time to pay attention to how we can stop millions of animals from being abandoned and euthanized," said PETA spokeswoman Melissa Karpel.
Umm. Yeah. Would this be the same PETA that killed 90% of the animals it received in 2007? That PETA? The irony would be breathtaking if it weren’t so sickening. I realized I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to keep hammering the point. I find PETA to be a disgusting bunch of maladjusted morons who have no more idea of how to act ethically than my dog does. Actually, my dog probably acts more ethically. Whatever else he may do, he’s never hypocritical and he doesn’t rack up a body count in the thousands every year. That’s a lot more than PETA can say.

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