Strange Affliction

One might, if one were paranoid about the possibility of further gun control legislation being enacted, have gone shopping recently for some things liable to fall under any new bans. In such an instance, one might have left work because the power went out and gone to pick up the 3 DPMS LR-308 lowers one had ordered. One might then be shopping for magazines, LPKs, and uppers online to see how much it'll cost to finish these builds out. In which case, one should get in a long damned line, because everybody else is panic buying, too. One might have also picked up a couple of 5.56 PMAGs while getting the transfer done.

Of course, we all know there's no reason to be paranoid about further gun control legislation, right? No reason at all. Hell, nobody has any interest in making gun owners get a license to own any handgun or semi-automatic weapon with a detachable magazine. Certainly nobody would think of making it a felony to continue to own the guns you already have if you didn't get such a license. So any fears you may have about upcoming legislation are just signs of your paranoia, which means you're crazy and unfit to own a gun.

So if one did all those things I mentioned above, take comfort in knowing there are others who share your strange mental affliction. In fact, there's a support group. It meets at the range every weekend. Look for the guys and gals with black rifles. You'll be among friends.

Also, contact your congresscritter and tell him to beat HR 45 to death with a stick. If said congresscritter accidentally gets in a few licks on Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Hoplophobe) in the process, that'd be just too bad.

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