Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Well, we're working on purging the last unpleasant detritus of the bootlegger's legacy from our body politic. We're not quite there, but as of this writing I believe there's only one Kennedy left in a federal office. Yes, America, we have yet another dead Kennedy. The last, least, and lumpiest of Joe's political spawn has finally departed the building.

Ted Kennedy has died. On this occasion, some might find it appropriate to say good things about the recently departed. If you feel that's warranted, I suggest you go elsewhere. Teddy was a loathsome individual who avidly pursued foolish and destructive policies and his own self-aggrandizement. I can't claim to feel sorry about his death, and I won't. Mary Jo Kopechne, as always, is unavailable for comment on this occasion.

In the meantime, this seems oddly appropriate.

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