So J and I are finally getting around to taking the CHL class on Saturday. The instructor is a personal friend, so that made it easy to finally get off our ass and do it. Last night I was going through the range bags to make sure we had everything we might need. Our instructor recommended 50 rounds of ammo each. Let's see, loaded .45 magazines. 21 7-round, 5 8-round for a total of 194 rounds in magazines. I think that should do nicely. I'll throw a box in the bag just in case.

In other firearm related news, I'm still dithering over what to do with the Norinco I acquired. I'm thinking either a Mech Tech carbine conversion unit, just for giggles, or a .460 Rowland set up. The only problem with .460 Rowland is ammo availability. Of course, if I got off my ass and got the reloading equipment out of storage, that wouldn't be a problem either. Decisions, decisions.



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