Natural Male Enhancement? Not quite.

Yet another sad individual, in this case Sandy Berger, has fallen on his sword to protect the Clinton legacy.  To add to the drama, it appears the documents he stole were drafted by none other than paranoid whiny Richard Clarke, of “I crapped all over the memory of the victims of 9/11 by using the partisan Congressional hearings to sell my book” fame. 
I’m also gathering from the news stories, that Berger went so far as to stuff the documents in his undies and socks
to get them out of the National Archives illegally.  I know that those blue pills are expensive bud, but a simple sock won’t land you in jail.   Let’s not forget the claim that the removal was “inadvertent”.  Oh yes, I often accidentally stuff my crotch and feet with classified documents, how about you?  Not only that, it was so “inadvertent”, that he did it no less than FIVE times.
I’m also getting word that Dirty Daschle, fearful of losing his own job in November, is questioning the actual timing of the release of the information.    It flashes me back to the Clinton years.  Focus not on the crime itself, but on who reported the crime, when they reported the crime, and what motive they have for reporting the crime.  Note to Daschle, and all of those who will adopt this “timing” load of crap:  a crime is a crime, and if guilty, the perpetrator should go to JAIL.  Would you treat a rape victim this way?  Oh yeah, ask Juanita Brodderick, Democrats have already proven they will.
Take notes ladies and gents; 4 years of John Kerry will be just this filthy.


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