What follows is the complete text of an email I received this morning.  There were no hyperlinks or anything in the email, just what you see here as straight text.

allah bilge capricious dreadful grain blockade hash implore bestseller
extrude persuasion lindberg arsenal alistair quadripartite catastrophic
sidle emphysematous michelangelo embedded offshoot extremum high
conclave rundown aquarium abdominal ring anchovy economic bedimming flatten
badland bleach ruminant eject reed sordid cancelling disambiguate
surmount complete dioxide ephraim bronchi sprung uninominal elite forsook
tecum alyssum cbs epidermis galenite aurelius minima epidermic charlie
beebe attract besotted ephesus illusory guthrie craven frail fop linkage
nowaday lura

I really have no idea what the hell this is about or what meaning I could possibly be expected to take away from it. "allah bilge capricious", indeed.
However, the concept of a "catastrophic sidle" is pretty funny.  I'm just sidling along towards catastrophe.


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