Nice Job, Buddy

So the title has been announced for the next Star Wars movie.  I'm fast reaching the point where I don't care.  George Lucas has systematically burned through all the goodwill he might have ever had, simply by making movies that suck.  Once the Ewoks showed up, the franchise was over.  It's doddering around like some drunk grandpa with Alzheimer's, spraying spit all over the grandkids, drooling on the carpet, spilling his colostomy bag and raving about how he was cool once and somebody should care, dammit!  Having said that, I'll go see the damn thing.  Probably at a matinee, but I'll still go.  That vacuum cleaner hose Lucas hooked to my wallet in 1978 will give one feeble last tug before it falls to the ground forever. 

All of said blather is really beside the point I wanted to make.  Steve Sansweet has the job of being the Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations for Lucasfilms.  What the hell kind of masochist takes that job?  "I'm the guy in charge of what's in the films and dealing with the deranged fan base."  I won't say Lucasfilms doesn't have enough money to get me to take that job, because I'd be lying, but it would take a whole lot of money.  I know how rabid and unpleasant the hardcore sci-fi fan community can be.  I want no part of that as a job.  Bleagh.  Anything Lucas does with the franchise is going to piss off a significant portion of the community.  Whatever happens, you're the goat for some chunk of fans.  Good lord, the emails alone would be a killer.  I sure hope he enjoys it.

Update:  Brian Posehn once did a stand up routine about how the fastest way to piss off a geek is to get his obsession wrong.  J commented that the "Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations" is the poor schmucko who has to deal with the pissed off geeks.


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