Shut Up, You Bloated Ignorant Windbag

I try to avoid talking about things when it's generally pointless.  Michael Moore is a classic example.  You either believe he's a courageous visionary filmmaker who speaks truth to power, or you believe he's a self-aggrandizing, lying, no-talent hack who wouldn't understand the concept of truth if it was carved on his bloated, corpulent body by the hand of God.  Guess which viewpoint I take?  Anyhow, there's not much point in discussing the issue.  If you have a viewpoint, you're not likely to change.  If you don't, it means you don't care, and neither I nor anyone else can make you be interested.

However, Mikey has reared up on his hind legs and oinked something so profoundly ignorant I feel compelled to respond.  He wrote an open letter to the President of the Aladdin for daring to have some washed-up old crooner ejected for offending the paying customers.  The section in particular that displays his complete inability to understand the Constitution is as follows:
What country do you live in? Last time I checked, Las Vegas is still in the United States. And in the United States, we have something called "The First Amendment." This constitutional right gives everyone here the right to say whatever they want to say. All Americans hold this right as sacred. Many of our young people put on a uniform and risk their lives to defend it. My film is all about asking the questions that should have been asked before those brave soldiers were sent into harms way.

For you to throw Linda Ronstadt off the premises because she dared to say a few words in support of me and my film, is simply stupid and Un-American. Frankly, I have never heard of such a thing happening. I read that you wouldn't even let her go back up to her room at your hotel! Are you crazy? For crying out loud, it was a song DEDICATION! To "Desperado!" Every American loves that song! Sure, some people didn't like the dedication, and that's their right. But neither they nor you have the right to remove her from your building when all she did was exercise her AMERICAN right to speak her mind.

Let's see, where to begin...  First off, it's very apparent by your actions that you do not hold the rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment sacred at all.  Please, for all our sakes, quit lying.  I know it's what you do best, but just stop.  It's gotten old.  Secondly, not every American loves the song "Desperado".  Frankly, it's cheesy schmaltz that would never have been recorded if the Eagles hadn't spent most of the 70s stoned.  I can think of quite a few Americans that can't stand the song and would be quite content to never hear it again.  Third, and most important, Bill Timmins has every right in the world to eject Linda Ronstadt from the property he manages for any reason whatsoever.

The last issue is the one that really displays the amazing level of ignorance that hides within the porcine folds of Michael Moore.  The 1st Amendment simply states that Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.  It does not mandate that anyone provide a forum for speech, pay for speech, allow private property to be used in furtherance of speech, or even listen to whatever speech is made.  The 1st Amendment does not constrain private actors in the slightest.  The 1st Amendment is a limitation on the power of the government only.  Can you pound that into your jowly, lard-encrusted skull?  Bill Timmins does not have to allow Linda Ronstadt to offend his customers anymore than I have to allow my next-door neighbor to stand in my front yard and scream obscenities at traffic.  To imply that property owners' rights magically vanish when some yotz flaps their gums is a more fundamental betrayal of the American system than anything that's happened to Linda Ronstadt lately.  Given your record, though, betrayal is probably something you're fairly comfortable with.

Ah, screw it, go look at jokes about fat boy.  Taking him seriously is more than he deserves. 


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