Can I Check Your Socks, Please?

I like to think the people running our government have some modicum of common sense.  I know that's an unrealistic expectation, but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to imagine the world in such a fashion.  Some days, I can't keep it up when I hear the news.

Sandy Berger used to be the National Security advisor.  Now he's reduced to smuggling documents out of the National Archives in his socks.  Think about that statement for a minute.  Seriously, did you think that nobody would notice you stuffing things in your pants?  And in your socks?  What in the hell were you thinking?  Did the thought ever cross your mind that sneaking documents out of the National Archives with stuff might be a bad, stupid idea?

Even more amazing to me is the fact he still has the balls to claim that the removal of the classified documents was inadvertent.  You were stuffing things down your pants to avoid detection, but walking out with the classified material was accidental?  Umm, okay.  I'm stupid and gullible enough to believe you.  Oh, wait, my mistake, I "inadvertently" forgot.  I'm intelligent, bitter, paranoid, and cynical.  I don't believe you, schmucko.  You waltzed out of there with the goods and figured you wouldn't get called on it.  Well, fuck that.  Your fat, pasty ass needs to be in jail for pulling a stunt like this, even if it was "inadvertent".
My biggest problem with Sandy Berger and the ongoing disaster known as Los Alamos security is the people involved.  Once upon a time, I had a security clearance.  At the time, I was 20 years old and had barely managed to graduate from high school a few years earlier.  I could understand and follow the rules on how to handle classified information.  Why can't people who are presumably older, wiser, more educated adults? If junior enlisted soldiers in the Army can handle the concept, why can't these people?  Furthermore, what disease exists that we cannot hold them responsible for their failures and screw-ups?  Is national security important or is it a parlor game for paranoids?.  Sandy Berger is too partisan to care, and the Los Alamos kiddies are too intelligent to take security seriously. 

No problem.  Jail time and job loss should wake all of them up.  Can't keep track of classified material? Get gone, dumbass.  This is not a drill, this is not a game,and this is not optional.  We are at war, and the dumb bastards need to remember that fact at all times.  I am growing afraid that it is going to take another terrorist attack to make people realize.  I really hope it doesn't.


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