Yet More DNC!

Haven't had your fill of the incessant Democratic National Convention coverage? Good, because we've got more of it for you!  Not that we were present or anything, but we availed ourselves of the next best thing: C-SPAN, baby!  We actually didn't watch much of the convention, as we are still painting YPS Manor.  Instead, we cranked up the volume on the stereo, (sadly, it doesn't go to 11), and listened to the convention.  This deprives me of the opportunity to mock the horde of poorly dressed convention delegates, but it's not much of a challenge.  As a side note, I did note one clothing difference between the Donk National Convention and the Texas Efenant Convention.  At the Texas GOP, you literally cannot sneeze without spraying spit over someone wearing several items of apparel that are flag-themed, whether that flag is the Texas flag or the US flag.  From the crowd shots on C-SPAN, that seemed much less prevalent at the DNC.

So what's left to mock?  Pejman has made some fairly brutal comments about Jimmy Carter, so I'll step up and take a few whacks at the pinata.  He's just another contestant in the pathetic parade of losers the donks dredge up at every opportunity.  (The only one I didn't see was Walter Mondale, so I'm assuming he's sick or something.)  Here's a tip for the donks: don't bring up the issue of Jimmy winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Once the Norwegians handed that to a bloodthirsty murdering bastard, the prize lost all legitimacy in my mind. The doddering old man needs to have a nice hot cup of STFU and go back to building houses for poor people.  He sure as hell doesn't need to be making pronouncements on foreign policy, because he showed beyond any shadow of a doubt he had no earthly idea what the hell he was doing in that arena.  The only significant thing I'm willing to grant him credit for after his presidency was helping convince Raoul Cedras to pack in '94.  Truthfully, though, my dog could have accomplished that.  Tie a pretty pink bow on my dog's neck and send her in the room to Raoul with a note reading:
The 82nd Airborne is on planes over Florida headed to Haiti.  You've got 30 minutes until the first plane hits the commit point.  After that, they're jumping and we're doing this hard way. Decide quickly!
The United States of America
Next thing you know, Raoul is packing his bags and waiting for the Air Force to Baby Doc his ass off to exile somewhere congenial with lax extradition treaties. I'm still pretty sure that's what Colin Powell went on that trip to do, anyway.  Jimmy was there, though, so I'll give him credit for trying.  The rest of his so-called accomplishments after the presidency?  I don't consider sucking up to a panoply of socialist bloodsuckers and murdering dictators to be an accomplishment.  So what's left?  Houses for poor people.  At worst, he can only screw over one family at a time, which is a vast improvement over the late 70s when he managed to screw over everybody.

Obviously, I don't have a whole lot of use for the idea of the passage of time rehabilitating the incompetent, which is the only reason I can think of for taking Jimmy seriously.   Jimmy was a disaster as the President and should get exactly the respect his accomplishments deserve: none. Yet, the donks keep dragging him out like he has something relevant to say.  It's well past time to let him go watch the peanuts grow.
Update: Yes, it's hammer on old Jimmy day here on the Web.  Nick Gillespie piles on! I had forgotten about the killer rabbit incident.  He also saw a UFO! Or Venus! Or a credible donk foreign policy!  (Hey, at least one of those is plausible!)


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