Congressional Visit

I was listening to my local commie radio station on the way home. The socialist on the radio was interviewing protesters at a local university, UHCL. What were they protesting? Why, their congressman was visiting and he's an evil bastard! Tom DeLay has that effect on people, I've noticed. I don't always agree with Tom on a variety of issues. However, he usually votes on bills in an acceptable fashion, so I'm okay with Tom. The protesters aren't, because he's a mean evil nasty Republican who is supposedly corrupt. Whatever. The Democratic challenger has about as much chance of winning in the newly redrawn district as I do of winning the lottery. DeLay is your representative, deal with the situation. Standing around outside holding signs and flipping people off won't change the fact.

Anyhoo, the protesters mentioned they would be coming to his next stop, at the civic center in our fair city. Woo-hoo! J and I both work for a living, so we don't often get to see the moonbats out protesting. We had already RSVPd to the event sometime last week, so this was an extra added bonus. I was also curious to see how our local police force (a group of reactionary bubbas at the best of times) would deal with this. I was somewhat disappointed. The moonbats stood mostly politely in the parking lot (gestures notwithstanding) and held up signs indicating they disapproved of Mr. DeLay. One mentioned something about "Trains are for people, not poison." Given Amtrak's record of losing money, I hardly think that's true. The police just stood around by the entrance to the activity center, watching the moonbattery from afar. I'm guessing the protesters were told to stay in the parking lot or something. The moonbats were at the exact same point where the campaign staff hangs out on election day trying to change minds at the last minute. I don't think that's a coincidence.

The events happening inside were pretty uneventful, too. Mr. DeLay gave a short speech full of generalities and worked the crowd a little bit. Most of the people there were the local efenant faithful, along with few local politicians. The strongest applause came from bits on homeland security, pro-life, and the defense of marriage act. So there's my up-close observation on what the grass-roots efenants are interested in this election. I mainly go to these things because of the view of how the process actually works. I think of it as a short course in practical politics. Like most other courses I've taken, it's sometimes very boring.

There was a nice cheese on the buffet, though. A smoked cheddar, I think. Very tasty.


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