Red, Cruel World

While checking the news this morning, I ran across this article from the Boston Globe. Apparently, red is too harsh a color to use when grading the chillun's school papers. Red gets the children all upset and makes them feel bad. Purple is the new color of choice for noting mistakes. The kiddies don't feel as bad when you use purple.

I sure hope that your children are not so psychologically fragile that the color used to grade their schoolwork is an important issue. If color is an issue, they're going to hate life out in the real world. In particular, pray they don't end up working for me. I have no problems giving documents back to people with red all over the damn thing. It's referred to as "bleeding all over it". It's considered a sign that you have screwed up and need to fix the damn thing. It's also the easiest and most effective way I know to get that point across.

Shouldn't we teach the kids to avoid screwing up and that way, they'll see less red on the papers? Wouldn't that be a better solution than using purple so their widdle feelings don't get hurt? Damn, people are working hard to raise a generation of coddled little wussies.


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