Part of the Problem

Here's a quick demonstration of why book storage is a continuing issue for me. We went out and about this weekend and ended up at Rice Village. J had some shopping to do there. What else is at Rice Village? A Half Price Books! Yay! So 70 dollars later, I have three books on furniture making, 3 more cookbooks, a book on enameling, and J has two books on sewing. I also picked up next year's calendar for the computer room. (Side note: two of the furniture books are designs for bookshelves and storage. I need more storage to hold my books on making storage.) This is about average for a trip to Half Price. So when it comes to books, I'm definitely part of the problem.

We also went out and got 9 or 10 CDs this weekend. The storage problem there isn't as acute as the book problem yet, mainly because CDs take less space. Someday our current ad-hoc storage system of 4 towers and an IKEA bookshelf will have to be redone.


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