Election Wrap-Up

Okay, so the election is over and done. We now know who won and who lost. Time for some post-electoral thoughts before we move on to other things.

The DNC really should fire Terry McAuliffe. He is not getting candidates elected, which is the whole point of the organization. After two failed presidential elections, the 2002 midterms, and the results of this year's down ticket races, it should be obvious to someone in Donkland that he is not getting the job done. Every minute he lingers on is a minute you're not rebuilding your organization.

I realize the exit polls are the only source of data available right now for the voting trends of this election. However, using the exit polls to parse the finer points of why Bush won/Kerry lost has one large problem: they are provably inaccurate. So whatever analysis you come up with based on flawed data is likely to be flawed. The exit polls may work for a rough cut, but in the end, they don't say anything useful because they're wrong.

I will jump on the bandwagon and condemn the left for being condescending and elitist. Calling a majority of voters stupid is not the way to win the next election. Instead of screaming about how we're all fools for voting for Bush, offer up real policy alternatives instead of a secret plan to be revealed later. Of course, seeing as how most donk plans involve expanding the power and revenue of the state, I'm not thinking that'll help much.

Anyhow, I think I'm done with election blogging for this year. Time to worry about other things, like judicial appointments, successfully prosecuting the War on Terror, and fiscal responsibility.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

In essence, the Democrats have to decide whether they're going to be "progressive" or "pragmatic."

Actually, now that the post-Bush jockeying is about to begin, the Republicans are going to have to decide something similar - namely, whether they're going to be "pure" or "pragmatic."

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