2008 Speculation...Already?

Holy crap, President Bush hasn't even enjoyed the fruits of his victory for 24 hours and I'm already hearing talk of '08. Geez...STOP IT ALREADY!!!! Can't we just enjoy this for 6 months? A year?

OK, OK quickly. Yeah, if Hillary can beat Giuliani for her New York Senate seat in '06, which I'm not convinced she can, she'll be coronated the Donk nominee. Dick Morris, the rehabilitated toe suckee, speculates that if Giuliani runs for New York Senate, she won't run, because she knows if (when) she loses, she becomes the Ann Richards of New York and it is all over. Furthermore, nothing inspires the majority of the electorate to turn out in the negative like a Clinton, so even if she is the nominee, Clintons are extinct in 08. God bless extinction, and four more years of a Republican President.

On our side of the aisle, I'm hearing all this mess about Giuliani. For-fuckin'-get it. It ain't gonna be Rudy. Yes, I like him. He was a great leader of New York City during 9/11. However...the grassroots of the Republican party, the campaign workers, primary voters, and the South and Midwest are still not going to stand behind some liberal Northeastern Republican who publicly humiliated his wife in favor of his shack-job. I won't. It is just not going to happen. Mr. Giuliani will make a great New York Senator or Governor and he should evaluate his future successes there.

I'm also hearing crap about Schwarzenegger. Also, not gonna happen. He belongs in California. Maybe he could take out Barbara Boxer. Article II, Section 1 will not be amended, not in this war time. Especially with the smelly Eurotrash whining about the fact that because America affects the world, the world should get to vote for our President. Americans are way too smart to realize that the Euroweenies, Islamofascists, and the Chi-Coms would be in an arms race to create the perfect American-seeming, foreign-born, Presidential candidate. I have a lot of research saved up about the basis of this Constitutional provision, but that's for another day.

Now really people. Stop it, I mean it. We have a fresh victory to celebrate.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

"Maybe [Schwarzenegger] could take out Barbara Boxer."

He's off on the timing, since Boxer just got re-elected and won't come up again for another six years.

I guess he could run against Feinstein, but Feinstein would be a harder candidate to beat.

I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't run for any other political office, and decides to do something completely new - what, I don't know.

When you take a moment and look at his career, it's been fascinating. Who would have dreamed that he could make it to America? Who would have dreamed that he could become a champion bodybuilder? Who would have dreamed that he could become a multi-million dollar movie star? Who would have dreamed that he could become Governor?

Maybe his next step is pop singing star.

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