Slap the Parents

So, there's a hot-selling prom dress on the market. Any parent who would let their daughter wear this is stone-cold crazy. I mean, the whole teenage slut queen look is big now, but this is going pretty damn far with it. A prom dress? I've seen strippers wear less revealing outfits. The only thing this dress needs to go with a lap dance is a thigh high slit up the side. Hell, it may have one. The picture doesn't go below the waist.

I do note that the only person in the article who said she would let her daughter wear the dress is a woman. I'm going to hazard a guess that no father would be happy about his daughter wearing this dress to prom. All of my male friends that have daughters would lose their ever-lovin' minds if their daughter tried to leave the house wearing the dress. Of course, fathers have one built-in advantage over mothers when it comes to trashy clothes: they were once teenage males. Daddy knows what that little weasel who comes to pick up his little princess for prom wants out of the evening. He doesn't like to think about too much, but he knows. It makes Dad a little bit nuts sometimes.

Still, if you buy your daughter this as a prom dress, why not give her fake tits for a graduation present? She'll be all set for her new career that way.


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