8 Hours Will Stop Them From Getting Drunk For Sure

This is a keen bit 'o legislation, yo. Some dumbass (Republican) in the state of MN is out to pass a law that would prevent idiot 21 year olds from killing themselves by alcohol poisoning on their birthdays. So, instead they can just do it the next morning. OK, no that's just the intention. The actual legislation makes 8a the new midnight by somehow postponing the "becoming" of the age of 21 from midnight to 8a, or some such nonsense.

One the funniest aspects of the article; however is this bit:
But microbiology junior Nick Milanowski said he knows firsthand of the negative effects of the power hour.
"A lot of people I know ended up puking when they did their power hour, and then their actual birthday was ruined," he said.

See, now, this bit makes me confused on the matter. Do we need to pass a law to prevent puking, or do we need to pass a law to prevent drunks from "ruining" their own birthdays? Well these 2 proposals seem no more ridiculous than the bills they're trying to actually pass, right?

I'm starting to believe that cold weather drives people to madness.


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