Pay Attention, Retard

Well, my local fishwrap has an editorial up about the NRA convention. I always like it when the Chronicle goes anywhere near anything I’ve attended. It proves to me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Chronicle is full of crap. Our particular idiot this morning is one James Howard Gibbons. He purports to edit the opinion pages.

The Lone Star Times does a pretty good job of taking him to task for general tone and snottiness. However, since I was there and the LST crew apparently wasn’t, I’ll correct one glaring inaccuracy.
A hand-tooled, over-under shotgun fetched more than $3,000.
Well, no, actually, it didn’t. Seeing as how no guns were for sale at the convention, I’m willing to bet that nobody got any money for any guns. Somehow, our fearless intrepid reporter spent all his time at the convention and didn’t manage to notice that no guns were being sold. Good job, slick. I’m wondering how much of an editor you can be when you miss the blindingly obvious. Of course, you work for the Chron on the opinion pages. It doesn't take much of an editor when you haven't got much of a paper, I guess.


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