Pretentious Art Films

I think it was mentioned a while back that we signed up for Netflix. Now, instead of spending the dinner hour watching whatever random thing we find on cable, we watch the latest movie that has come in the mail. Our remedial movie watching is catching up.

The only problem is the sometimes wildly divergent tastes in cinema that occupy YPS Manor. I will watch a lot of things that J wouldn’t even pick up. She tends towards explosions and sci-fi. I’m fine with those, but also like anime, independent and foreign films. Well, in the case of those last two, like may be too strong of a word. I’m willing to give them a try, which is more than J would do if left to her own devices. I will, until I die, be hearing about the 2 hours she’ll never get back after I took her to this. Other, more recent excursions include Demonlover, The Anarchist Cookbook and the as-yet unwatched The Battle of Algiers.

So in this spirit, Ces over at Drink at Work has a list of handy hints.


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