Heavy Rotation

I’m not following much in the way of actual news right now. Well, actually, I am, but I don’t feel like writing about the events of the day. I have made my assessments, and have to see what comes out of things to determine if I am the new Nostradamus. I need to work on my quatrains if I really want the gig.

Instead, let’s talk about music. Monday night we went off to run a few errands and stopped by Best Buy. Best Buy is a den of iniquity and has horrible customer service. However, for new release CDs, they’re still the cheapest game in town. Given the demise of the CD Warehouse chain in these parts, they are sometimes the best of a limited set of choices. They are also convenient to the house, whereas Soundwaves, my preferred vendor, is not.

So currently on heavy rotation in the truck is the following:
Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists
Orgy – Candyass
Saliva – Survival of the Sickest
Static-X – Wisconsin Death Trip
Audioslave – Out of Exile

The Orgy and the Disturbed were picked up Monday, while the other three have been there for a month or two. 4 are good, 1 is mediocre, but one runs these risks purchasing on the strength of previous albums. At least I have something to listen to when I drive out to Vidor after work tonight.


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