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I'm half-following the uproar created by the nomination of Harriet Miers. I say half because I'm not paying attention to the lefty side at the moment. The right side is so stirred up it takes a lot of time just to get a grip on the obvious displeasure there. From my seat, it looks like the President has managed to piss off everybody but himself and Harry Reid (D-Ineffective). Positive arguments all seem to boil down to "She's smart and you should trust Bush". As Paul points out, when someone like Hugh Hewitt, who has so obviously drank the kool-aid, is reduced to this argument, we have a problem.

Practically speaking, Bush has done two, possibly three, things off the top of my head that are worthwhile. He's done a pretty good job prosecuting the war on terror. He's done all right with tax cuts. As Virginia Postrel pointed out a while ago, the growth of regulation slowed somewhat under Bush. I don't rightly know if we can credit him with that one, though.

Of course, I can now list what I think he's done poorly on:
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Agricultural subsidies
  • Trade policy
  • Border security and immigration reform
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Government transparency

That's just a short list coming off the top of my head. I could probably keep going if I thought for more than thirty seconds.

The entire argument for confimation is based on the level of trust I have in the President. Well, here's a newsflash, guys. I don't trust him that far. Hell, J thinks she's flat unqualified, and I trust her opinion more than any elected official, ever.

Anyhow, for a more learned discussion on the failures of Ms. Miers as a judicial candidate, check out the conspirators. They're all over this issue. Start at the top and keep scrolling down.


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