Thought Experiment

I’m reading some odds and ends around and about the Web about the response of Israel to the recent unpleasantness perpetrated by Hamas and Hezbollah. I figure this an example of not learning from experience on the part of Palestinians. For my entire life, the idiot Palestinians have been provoking Israel until the Israelis start killing them. Someday, the futility of this approach will dawn on someone. In the meantime, they’ll try to play off public opinion by hiding missile launchers in somebody’s house and claiming it’s the Israeli’s fault the people living in this house die when the airstrike hits. If you’re sitting next to a rocket launcher that’s shooting at people, you’re not in a position to complain when they start shooting back.

In the meantime, let’s imagine something for just a moment. Two different groups who share a common goal, one in Canada and one in Mexico, start lobbing rockets into the US and killing civilians. The respective governments kind of wave their hands around and admit they can’t do anything about these horrible people.

Anybody want to guess what the US response would be? I’ll bet cash money it would be a lot more interesting than the Israeli response has been. I’m thinking there would be immediate retaliatory airstrikes, plus a concerted effort to replace the governments in both countries. The Israelis are being fairly restrained, all things considered.

Oh, yeah, I’d also like to point out that David Bernstein’s optimism has proven to be unfounded, just like I predicted. Score one in the correct column for me, if anybody’s keeping track.


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